Being a Rock with Dwayne Johnsons Good Deeds

Being a Rock with Dwayne Johnsons Good Deeds

Can you smell the good deeds? Dwayne Johnson has had one of the most successful careers in entertainment. There is an idea that the limelight can be dangerous. That people who reach high levels of fame change who they are, forget where they came from, and ultimately turn into someone completely different. None of that can be said about Dwayne Johnson. In fact, you can look to Dwayne Johnsons good deeds for proof. Dwayne Johnsons good deeds show us that he is humble, appreciative, inspirational, motivational, and has the charm only found in fictional characters.

Dwayne Johnsons good deeds show us that he is humble, appreciative, inspirational, motivational, and has the charm only found in fiction.

From the Ring to the Set

Dwayne Johnson’s career has gone through many transformations. Dwayne started out as a football player, playing in high school and college at the University of Miami. However, injuries took him off the American field and moved him up to the Canadian Football League. Unfortunately, he got cut from the league and that was the end of his football career. That was when he turned to wrestling. Dwayne worked his way up from the minor leagues to his first TV debut in 1996.

It was clear that the man had talent. In fact, some say he is the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a ring. In fact, it was that popularity in wrestling that caught the eye of Hollywood. However, Saturday Night Live was where Dwayne was able to prove that not only could he act, he was ratings gold. He moved to film in 2001’s The Mummy Returns, but he really shined in 2003’s The Rundown. From then on, Dwayne became an action hero.

Dwayne Johnsons Good Deeds Dwayne at a Press Conference

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More Than an Action Hero

You can easily see why Dwayne Johnson is such a beloved celebrity. His athletic ability combined with a down to earth mentality and unmatched charm is clearly visible in interviews, acting roles, and so much more. In fact, he has mastered social media by just being himself online and not letting money or fame change him. However, he did allow that fame and fortune to change the way he helped others.

For example, Dwayne Johnsons good deeds have led him to work with Beacon Experience, Make-A-Wish, I Have a Dream Foundation, Boot Campaign, Parkinson Society Maritime Region, Red Cross, Starlight Children’s Foundation, the list goes on and on. In fact, Dwayne even created his own charity named the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation.

Dwayne Johnsons Good Deeds Dwayne Working Out

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Dwayne Johnsons Good Deeds The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation

Dwayne Johnsons good deeds can truly inspire anyone. Recently, Dwayne has donated over 700,000 bottles of water to frontline workers. However, he also donated $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief funds, and has donated to the charities above as well as Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Until There is a Cure, Boot Campaign, and many more. In fact, Dwayne even donated $1,500 once to help provide surgery to an abandoned puppy. But the real gem is the foundation he started.

The DJ Rock Foundation helps troubled youth by teaching them about health and managing time. The goal is to get troubled youth to use their energy towards bettering themselves and the communities around them. Not to mention, Dwayne Johnsons good deeds stay home sometimes as well. He bought his mom a car in 2012 and while that seems like nothing there was more to it. He said about the car, “At 14 I saw my mom cry about our only car being repossessed. This felt good. Merry Christmas mom.”

Dwayne Johnsons Good Deeds Dwayne with Kids at a Beach Flexing

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There are times when we need a reminder that our success was not achieved by a single person. We encounter people who change our lives in both big and small ways. Dwayne Johnsons good deeds show that he never forgot where he came from and who helped shape him to be the man he is today.

His family, his friends, and the communities that he grew up in all became a part of his life. We can share the success we achieve with those in need as a reminder that everyone needs a little help sometimes. That help does not need to be financial; it just needs to be honest and filled with love.