Celebrity Good Deeds: Jennifer Garner

Celebrity Good Deeds: Jennifer Garner

Celebrities are in a unique position in society that allows for plenty of opportunities for good deeds. When a celebrity does a good deed, it can quickly become all the inspiration needed for others to follow. Often, celebrities don’t even look for recognition for their charity work. Jennifer Garner is a perfect example of celebrities doing good deeds without public recognition. While the public may not always see the charity work of stars like Garner, other foundations see it first hand.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation has recently honored Garner for her Charity work with kids.

Jennifer Garner has shown that she is dedicated to the education of children and the need for charity in our very own neighborhoods.

Jennifer Garner was honored for her work with children during a gala hosted by the Starkey Hearing Foundation, . For years now, Jennifer has been a part of Save The Children, an organization that is dedicated to helping families and children learn during the early years. While Jennifer has been an ambassador for Save The Children, her charity work doesn’t stop there.

Recently, Garner visited her hometown of West Virginia to visit flood victims. Garner explained why work like this is so important. “It’s easier to look at problems outside the country than it is to look at stuff in our own backyard,” She said. “It’s overwhelming, and you can’t just give up, you can’t give up on a whole other generation of kids.”

Jennifer Garner Starkey Foundation

Photo Credit: Starkey Foundation

During the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala, Steven Sawalich introduced and praised Garner for her works. “She’s a talented and beautiful actress, but one of my favorite callings about Jennifer Garner is that many of you may or may not know her far-reaching effect in the nonprofit world and her passion for advocacy for early childhood education.”

Garner has proven herself to be a real inspiration for others to do good in the world. More importantly, Garner shines a spotlight on the mere fact that charity isn’t only needed around the world. Charity is needed in our own backyards.