Celebrity Good Deeds – Ellen DeGeneres Earns a Much Deserved Award

Celebrity Good Deeds – Ellen DeGeneres Earns a Much Deserved Award

Good deeds are usually done without expectations of payment or reward. However, when they are rewarded, those deeds become an inspiration to others. One celebrity that does good deeds and random acts of kindness on a daily basis is Ellen Degeneres. Using her show as a catalyst, Ellen reaches millions of people and helps those in need whenever she can.

It’s no wonder why at the People’s Choice Awards, Ellen Degeneres was awarded the Favorite Humanitarian Award.

Ellen Degeneres

The People’s Choice Awards started giving out the Favorite Humanitarian Award four years ago and the fourth annual award was given to Ellen Degeneres. During her speech after receiving the award, Ellen kept it funny. behind the scenes though there was more going on with the award.

The recipient of the Favorite Humanitarian award is allowed to choose one charity organization to receive a donation from Walgreens. Ellen chose to assign the donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

While the award is a great way to inspire others and show people that good deeds never go unnoticed, Ellen was curious as to why? During her speech, Ellen said she doesn’t understand why she would receive an award for simply being “nice and generous” even though everyone should be. Clearly, Ellen is pointing out that good deeds and random acts of kindness shouldn’t be as hard to find as they sometimes are. Instead, everyone who can, should be doing them on a daily basis. If this was so, the world would be a much better place.

Ellen Degeneres Humanitarian Award

This is why the Good In Deed community is such a great one. We not only are full of people who should earn this reward, but people who know they may not get this award, and still do good deeds daily.

Just to further the inspiration, Ellen pointed out that doing good deeds and being nice is the point of being human. As a final aspect of her speech, she flashed a picture of Chris Hemsworth, shirtless, on the screen behind her. “Here’s the thing. Awards are great, but what really makes me happy is making other people happy and tonight I want to make you happy so I brought a shirtless picture of Chris Hemsworth to share. You’re welcome.”