Emma Watson Age of Good Deeds

Emma Watson Age of Good Deeds

Emma Watson exploded on an international level while at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Emma Watson is known mostly for her role in Harry Potter, but she has done so much more. She played a role in Beauty and the Beast, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Little Women, The Circle and so much more. But she has done so much outside of acting as well. She has also done a lot of charity work; using her celebrity to create Emma Watson age of good deeds. The Emma Watson age of good deeds is about how a young woman has taken control of her stardom to shine light in dark places.

The Emma Watson age of good deeds is about how a young woman has taken control of her stardom to shine light in dark places.

A Bit About Emma

Emma knew early on that she wanted to be an actress. In fact, she attended the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theater Arts as a child. It was her teacher at Stagecoach who gave her name to the casting agents who were looking for a girl to play what would become an iconic role, Hermione Granger. From there, Emma became a household name around the world. Everyone was and still does her wingaurdiam leviosah not leviosa line and we all fell in love with her. She has played many roles since Hermione, but she is also terribly busy behind the scenes as she tries to make a difference in the world in other ways.

Emma Watson Age Emma at a Red Carpet Event

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Goodwill Ambassador and Beyond

We all know Emma Watson for her witchcraft as she easily put a spell on us all. But the Emma Watson age of good deeds goes beyond even acting. Emma was named a Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations in the summer of 2014. Her focus was on women empowerment and education equality. It is the job of the ambassador to bring awareness to causes around the world and Emma, being a houselhold name could easily shine a light where it is needed. In fact, Emma also supports J.K. Rowling’s charity Lumos. Lumos is not only the spell to create light but it is a charity that helps relocate orphans around the world from orphanages to families.

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Power of Celebrity

Celebrities live a quite different lifestyle than most. For example, we all work hard to make enough money to buy the things we want. Celebrities are no different, except after they finally make it big and get the money to get the things they want, everything becomes free. Companies and people want to give celebrities gifts and products because if that celebrity is seen with that product it could mean an increase in sales. But Emma is different, Emma asks people who want to give gifts to her to donate to charities instead. She even helped People Tree, a fair-trade fashion brand design an eco-friendly clothing brand.

Emma Watson Age Emma Posing in a Black Dress

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Emma Watson Age of Good Deeds

This is the age of good deeds by Emma because she not only designs eco-friendly clothing or asks her fans to give gifts to charities instead of her, but she encourages reading. Emma created a club called Our Shared Shelf which encourages people of all ages to read. She even leaves books in random places for others to find and read. You might’ve read a book that Emma left for you if you ever have found a book in London. Emma Watson is more than a witch at Hogwarts, more than a beauty in France, and so much more than an actress. She is an inspiration to us all and we should all take a page from her book and do what we can to make a difference.