Giving Voice to Good Deeds | Adam Levine

Giving Voice to Good Deeds | Adam Levine

One ability that most celebrities have that others don’t is the ability to shine a light on a cause, to give a voice to those who need it the most. Adam Levine has been giving voice to good deeds all around the world. But most importantly, Adam has helped bring light to causes that often sit in the dark. Let Adam’s voice help inspire you to make a difference in the world in any way you can.

We all can be giving voice to good deeds in our own special ways but Adam Levine has a platform that calls for it daily.

We all can be giving voice to good deeds in our own special ways but Adam Levine has a platform that calls for it daily.

Who is Adam Levine?

Adam Levine is a household name now as he is a regular judge on the hit television show, The Voice. But before The Voice, Adam was already well-known as the lead singer of the band Maroon 5. Before The Voice and Maroon 5, Adam was the lead singer of a band called Kara’s Flowers which was formed in his home city of Los Angeles. While many people know his voice and have seen his face in magazines, websites, billboards, and television, Adam has another side that is a bit more personal.

Personal Struggle

One of the reasons most famous people are giving voice to good deeds is because of a personal struggle. Adam Levine’s personal struggle is with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Adam was diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager and struggled with it. To help combat the stigma that comes with ADHD, Adam helped launch the Own It Campaign. The campaign was meant to show adults that this disorder isn’t just something that affects children and teens. As part of the campaign, adults could take a quiz online to see if they still show signs of ADHD and share the results with their physician. The campaign has ended but Adam is still giving voice to good deeds.

Adam Levine Naked

Adam Levine is not a shy guy. In fact, by his own admission, Adam spends a lot of his time naked. Friends and family have to tell him when he’s inappropriately naked before he decides to put on clothes. In 2011, Adam posed nude, not for pleasure but for awareness. In a special Cosmopolitan UK photoshoot, Adam posed nude to bring awareness to testicular cancer. The goal of the shoot was achieved as many people were talking about the pictures and what they brought attention to. While posing nude isn’t really giving voice to good deeds, it did bring attention to a disease that is often not talked about.

We all can be giving voice to good deeds in our own special ways but Adam Levine has a platform that calls for it daily.

Making an Impact

Adam Levine is not only doing photo shoots or launching campaigns for good, he’s also doing random acts of kindness. Adam has paid rent for a fan, met fans who are fighting disease, and donating money to causes. One of the biggest causes Adam has donated to was for teens fighting cancer. During a golf competition reality show, Adam had won $40,000. Adam then turned around and donated that money directly to the Teen Impact Program at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The program helps teens and their families deal with the effects of cancer and the ripples it causes throughout their lives. That $40,000 is only a drop in the bucket compared to what Adam and his bandmates have donated to the program over the years. Over $300,000 in guitars, music lessons, private concerts, hospital visits, and funding has been provided by Adam and his band.

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