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  • American Cancer Society

    The American Cancer Society is a global grassroots force of 2.5 million volunteers saving lives and fighting for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community.

  • American Heart Association

    The American Heart Association is a non-profit organization in the United States that fosters appropriate cardiac care in an effort to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke

Twin Sisters Raise $24000 with Queen of Hearts Foundation for Ovarian Cancer

There are times that we go through that help shape us as members of society and sometimes they’re dark times. Times that we feel we didn’t deserve or that seem unfair. While some stay in that darkness, others use it as strength to do something more. Caren Walley Edler and Cristen Walley Lebsack went through a very dark time with their mother and now, they work to end that darkness for others. Through the Queen of Hearts Foundation, twin sisters Caren and Cristen raised $24,000 for Ann’s Clinic Patient Care Bags to support those fighting ovarian cancer.

Caren and Cristen are twin …