Do Good for Others

Good In Deed® is more than supporting good causes and organizations around us. It’s also about the people in front of us, around us and through connections to us. Each and every day, people in our path need support as they travel their paths and our Do Good for Others community is here to help. There are numerous websites that offer support and can be the connecting bridge between our paths and their paths, allowing us to help those in need and to do good for others.

You have my warmest welcome and sincere gratitude for joining our global movement. 


Kelly Smith Parker
Founder – Good In Deed®

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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


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You can do good for others by asking for and visiting any support website they might have set up.  If they don’t have one, consider setting one up for them with their approval.  These websites are wonderful tools that have been recommended to us by our Do Good for Others community.

Do you need the support of the Do Good for Others Good In Deed community?
Good In Deed® wants to pull the community together for you!

Please share your story with us below and we will share your link and needs right here, right now, and get the Do Good for Others community mobilized.

Is there another way to do good for others? Let us know! Email!

We will Do Good for Others.

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