Project Hope Alliance Holiday Drive #GoodDeeds

Project Hope Alliance Holiday Drive #GoodDeeds

Christmas is a time of family and friends, a time when we are meant to celebrate the things that we have and share them with those around us. While many of us in the Orange County area have plenty to share, there are still many families that don’t have as much. That is where the Good in Deed Community can lend a hand. This season, we’re partnering with Project Hope Alliance to bring the holidays to the families who otherwise may not have them. 

Project Hope Alliance is a group that helps the 32,000 homeless children that still attend Orange County Schools.

Project Hope Alliance Partners With Good In Deed Community

Project Hope Alliance has been helping Orange County’s homeless children since 1989. What started out as a project to help homeless students get the transportation they needed to continue their educations, became so much more. Now through donations and programs, Project Hope Alliance uses housing solutions, educational programs to ignite the flames of hope and community. The goal of Project Hope Alliance is now to end homelessness in the Orange County community by simply guiding families into financial independence. While their work has been great, they’re always looking for ways to improve.

The beauty of any and all charity organizations is the opportunity to team up and work together. Partnering with charities is a great way to tackle a bigger problem, or help the bigger organizations tackle a smaller problem within their goals. For example, Christmas is a time when we celebrate family, and life, but for the families that Project Hope Alliance helps, Christmas is a time of stress and fears. That’s where the Good In Deed community is stepping in, to help Project Hope Alliance make Christmas 2015, a time for homeless students and their families to remember.

Project Hope Alliance Helping Homeless Children

Photo Credit: Project Hope Alliance

Once a quarter, the Good In Deed community lends a hand to existing organizations, this quarter it’s Project Hope Alliance. Our goal is always to run a donation drive for the organization in an attempt to make things a little easier on them. Since this is the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to run a gift drive for the homeless families in Orange County. Since Project Hope Alliance already has a means to reach that part of our community, who would be better to team up with than them?

Here’s how you can help, as part of one of the best communities in all of Orange County, the Good In Deed community. Simply donate $1 or more to underwrite Christmas gifts for the children. The goal amount is only $1,345, an easy goal for the GID community. The goal would be to underwrite all of these gifts from the Good In Deed community by December 15th.

Ways to Donate:

  • Check made out to Project Hope Alliance (mail it to me or I can pick it up from you).
  • Cash handed directly to me or I can pick it up from you.
  • PayPal to Good In Deed at

Once you’ve donated funds, I will personally write you an email confirming your donation and the amount which will also be sent to Project Hope Alliance for their records as well. Project Hope Alliance will send a tax donation letter receipt for your records on or after December 15th. You can also donate goods like wrapping supplies and packages for the gifts. 

Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause through Good In Deed.