11 Ways to be a Good Neighbor as a Good Deed

11 Ways to be a Good Neighbor as a Good Deed

There was a time when every neighbor knew every neighbor they had. They would exchange casseroles, have check-ins with each other, and even borrow cups of sugar when necessary. But many of us have lost the ways to be a good neighbor. But we can bring it back, we just need a little reminder.

There are many ways to be a good neighbor as a good deed but fair warning, it may stick, and you may be a good neighbor forever.

Ways to be a Good Neighbor Introduction

There are many ways to be a good neighbor as a good deed but fair warning, it may stick, and you may be a good neighbor forever. The first thing you need to do is introduce yourself to your neighbors. Introductions are easy, simply knock on their door and let them know who you are. We have all done things like this in class before. Raise our hands, say our name, and an interesting fact about us. Now, it is time to do it as adults. Knowing your neighbors could also make you feel safer in your home.

Host or Attend Bloc Parties

There was a time when bloc parties were very prevalent. Summer is the perfect time to get things started by hosting your own bloc party. A bloc party is an outdoor party, usually in your front yard. The attendees are only local neighbors, usually the people on your block and the blocks on either side. You can have a BBQ, potluck, or whatever type of party you want. The only must is that you invite all your neighbors.

Ways to be a Good Neighbor Overhead View of a Neighborhood

Ways to be a Good Neighbor Face to Face

We turn to local Facebook groups and anonymous Ring Neighborhood apps to air out our disputes with neighbors. There is even an app for the sadder than it is helpful. One of the best ways to be a good neighbor is to discuss your dispute like an adult with the neighbor you have an issue with. Of course, you can feel free to escalate the issue if it isn’t resolved in person by any means you wish. But at least give face to face a try first.

Attend the Meetings

Yes, we know, HOAs and Neighborhood Watch meetings aren’t exactly the best way to spend your evenings. However, these meetings are a great way to show that you care about your neighborhood and the people you share it with. You don’t need to fully participate or even start your own subsection of an HOA. But being there and introducing yourself is a start.

Start a Club

HOA sub sections are in no way fun. But maybe your neighbor is into the same things you are. In fact, there might be multiple neighbors who are all into the same thing. Start a club! You can create a book club, cooking club, or movie club. The goal is to find whatever it is you have in common and build relationships based on those things.

Ways to be a Good Neighbor A Gorupd of People Having a Conversation Outside

Ways to be a Good Neighbor Updated Answer to How Are You

We Americans know that saying, “How are you?” is not always a real question. The general response is, “I’m fine, how are you?” and then they repeat that they are fine, and you keep it moving. But these are your neighbors. Update your answer and open a little. This shows that you trust them enough to open up and that when you ask them how they are, you are okay with a real answer.

Advanced Help

Watering plants, securing packages, saving mail, these are all great ways to be a good neighbor. But relationships grow as time goes by and so should the friendly acts. You can offer to help a neighbor watch their kids so they can have a date night or invite them over for a double date dinner. The possibilities are endless.

In Their Shoes

We often feel like we can do whatever we want because we pay the mortgage so who is to tell us what to do? However, we share this world with others, and it is important that we consider them. We lose our humanity when we forget to consider what others might be dealing with. One way to be a good neighbor is to ask yourself, “What would I do?”. For example, you’re hosting a party and things are getting loud, but it is late. Ask yourself, would you be okay with your neighbor hosting a party at this hour making loud noises, keeping you awake at night?

Ways to be a Good Neighbor Two Kids One Helping the Other Stand Up

Ways to be a Good Neighbor Offer Help

The world has gone through a major shift, and it is causing waves for everyone. However, some are dealing with more than others. You can offer help in any way possible for neighbors you know might be dealing with tough times. Buy them groceries, help with carpooling, you can even start a Go Fund Me for them if the issue is a major one.

Find the Isolate and Deisolate

One of the ways to be a good neighbor is to simply pay attention. You don’t need to be a nosey Karen but just pay attention to what is going on around you. The goal is to find those neighbors who seem more isolated and introduce yourself to them specifically. Show them that they are not invisible and that there are people out there who care.

Keep it Clean

HOAs came around to help keep neighborhoods clean and safe for the people who live there. However, we don’t need HOAs for things we can do ourselves. For example, clean up your yard and keep it clean on your own. You can also help other neighbors do the same. You can even band together and make it a neighborhood project to help every home on your bloc to spruce things up. Who knows, maybe one year you will end up having an entire bloc of holiday décor that is master planned.