Causes That Support The Environment

Causes That Support The Environment

Every day we interact with the environment in both positive and negative ways. We may not even realize it, but there are things we do that hurt the environment. Having causes that support the environment is our best defense. These causes fight every day to ensure that the environment gets the attention that most of us rarely give. While these causes fight to better our environment, we should fight to keep them fighting. 

We should come together as a global community and support the causes that support the environment.

Many causes support the environment, but many of them can't operate without the assistance of the people around the world.

Greenpeace Fund

Greenpeace has been one of the most popular environmental charity organizations since the ‘70’s. As the years have gone by, Greenpeace continues to grow and remains one of the top environmental groups. While the group is bigger than ever, it’s the small help offered by individuals and volunteers that keep it alive.

Rainforest Alliance

One of the best ways to bring your cause into the light is to show people what your cause is about. The Rainforest Alliance shows people the benefits of the rainforest that we are slowly losing. However, showing us the problem isn’t always going to get it fixed, one needs to show us how to fix it as well. The Alliance has their solutions by selling rainforest products, and bringing tourism to the area.

Friends of The Earth

Some organizations take a head-on approach in a more aggressive way. Friends of The Earth is determined to help the environment by putting an end to many human practices that are harming the earth. The organization self-identifies as a “bold and fearless voice for justice and the planet.”

Causes That Support The Environment Ocean Conservancy

Photo Credit: Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy

One of the most important and biggest parts of the environment here on earth are the oceans. It’s important for marine life to thrive in every way possible. The Ocean Conservancy works to ensure that things like oil spills, ocean acidification and gas exploration.

Earth Island Institute

Every organization has a cause and a start, but that start can be difficult. Earth Island Institute helps fledgling groups turn into world famous teams. The methods of the Earth Island Institute aren’t to focus on one cause. Instead, they help many groups get their start and cover almost every different environmental cause.


We all need a defender from time to time, and the environment is often forgotten. Earthjustice is here to help give a legal voice to the environment. The group of lawyers recognizes that they’re often going up against large enterprises, fighting battles that most would lose. However, they never stop trying and often come out ahead for the world.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Often, the state of our environment turns into a political skeptical. People forget that the environment was here long before us and will be here long after we’ve gone. The Union of Concerned Scientists helps inform the world about the world. In fact, when you hear “scientists say” or “studies show” often it’s the Union of Concerned Scientists who are being quoted.

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