Fashionable Good Deeds with Loft

Fashionable Good Deeds with Loft

There are many ways to do good deeds and most don’t take much effort at all. But there is one way to do good that doesn’t interrupt your day, your schedule, or even your wallet. Fashionable good deeds come from place like Loft, where you can shop for yourself and do good at the same time.

You can buy beautiful clothing from Loft which will donate a portion of the sale to charity filling your shopping cart with fashionable good deeds.


You can buy beautiful clothing from Loft which will donate a portion of the sale to charity filling your shopping cart with fashionable good deeds. What is a loftimist? Loftimists are people who see the glass half full, the silver lining, the people who want to make a change, so they are the change. But these people also shop at Loft, that makes them, Loftimists. However, it goes all the way back to Ann Taylor.

You may be familiar with Ann Taylor as a brand, but did you know that it owns more than one clothing store? Loft is one of the stores owned and operated by Ann Inc. Loft was originally known as Ann Taylor Loft back when it first opened in 1996. The company was started to offer more relaxed clothing for work and lounging at home with a moderate price tag. But the clothing became so popular that they removed “Ann Taylor” from the name and turned Loft into a lifestyle brand for Loftimists.

Fashionable Good Deeds Designer Ciara LeRoy Sitting and Smiling Wearing a Shirt She Designed

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Fashionable Good Deeds

Loft sells many different things from maternity clothing to office attire. But Loft also has a special line that comes and goes for good deeds. Currently, Loft is running a special with designer and embroiderer Ciara LeRoy. This limited-edition run is just one example of how there are limited lines that come from Loft for good deeds. LeRoy has created a special line of shirts that you can buy and 50% of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The line of clothing ranges from t-shirts to sweat outfits and more.

How it Works

Completing fashionable good deeds is easier than you may think. Simply head to Loft and purchase whatever you’d like. Then, rest assured that 50% of the money you spend will go to BCRF and you will receive what you ordered in the mail. This is how you complete charitable deeds without interrupting your day one bit. You will surely need some new outfits eventually, just be sure you shop at the right places, like Loft. The partner may not always be Ciara LeRoy and there may be new things added at any time. That means you can keep coming back for more clothing and more charitable deeds.

Fashionable Good Deeds Woman Standin in a Doorway Wearing a Ciara Designer Shirt

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It is always a great idea to know where your donations are going and how it will be used. For example, your fashionable good deeds will help BCRF through Loft. What is BCRF? The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the nation’s largest private funding group of breast cancer research. There are over 275 different research groups around the world who are working hard to find a cure for breast cancer as well as treatments. BCRF uses the funding that has been donated to help keep those researchers in the lab. Unfortunately, research costs money and there are few government programs to help aid research for every type of cancer. That is why it is up to us to donate and help keep that research going so we can find treatment and a cure.