Lending a Hand the United Way Orange County

Lending a Hand the United Way Orange County

We all aim for success in life, no matter what shape that success takes. The goal is to live a happy and healthy life, but we don’t all have the tools we need to get there. That is where organizations like United Way Orange County help the most. The goal is to give everyone the tools they need to be successful.

We can all lend a helping hand the United Way of Orange County so that the future of our community is in good hands.

United Way of Orange County

We can all lend a helping hand the United Way of Orange County so that the future of our community is in good hands. There are many ways to make a difference in the life of a single person. But the saying is true, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life”.

That is the United Way. This organization utilizes donations to fund over 50 different community programs that are all dedicated to helping those in need learn, graduate, and get on the right path for success. In fact, the organization has a strategic plan filled with different sectors that help with different situations.

You can find educational, financial, health, and housing programs that each serve the same purpose. That purpose is to help students with the real-life issues they face that could get in the way of their success.

United Way Orange County Art on a Wall That Says Together We Create!

History of Helping

United Way Orange County wasn’t always around, however, the history of the organization goes all the way back to 1887. We must travel to Denver of 1887 to learn the story about Frances Wisebart Jacobs. Jacobs along with others saw that there was a need in the city for cooperative action to help with social problems.

There was a lot of work and effort put in that year, and together, they raised $21,700 which was nothing to scoff at back in 1887. That money helped pave the path for a movement that would become United Way. The organization grew over the years and headquarters started popping up in major cities around the country. Orange County got a United Way in 1924.

United Way Orange County A Group of People Working Together in an Office

How to Help

United Way Orange County makes it extremely easy to get involved. You can simply donate funding that will then be distributed to the different programs. But you can also volunteer, become an advocate, join a “Giving Circle”, donate stocks, or even donate a vehicle.

There is also a shop online that allows you to buy merch and the profits will go directly to the organization. The goal is to help our community so that our community can go forward and help others. It is a basic idea that has found considerable success.

In fact, United Way was the first charitable organization to receive over a billion dollars in donations for an annual campaign in 1974. It is amazing the things that can happen when a community comes together.