Good Deeds List for a Month of Giving

Good Deeds List for a Month of Giving

One of the best parts of doing a good deed is the randomness of it all. Imagine someone you know, giving you a gift for no reason; the feeling is incredible. Now imagine getting a gift, any kind of donation, from a complete stranger for no reason. For some, that could mean getting a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark world. Just knowing that someone, anyone cares about you as a fellow human being cares can make a world of difference. Now imagine using a good deeds list for a month of giving. If you do one good deed every day, how many lives can you change? How many paths can you set straight? Use the list of the good deeds to inspire others and motivate the world. 

Good In Deed has the good deeds list you need to do one good deed every day for a month of giving that may change the world for someone else.

Good In Deed has the good deeds list you need to do one good deed every day for a month of giving that may change the world for someone else.

Write Letters of Appreciation to Charities

Charities work hard all year long and do so for little to nothing in return. Showing them through a message that someone is paying attention and appreciates what they do, could help motivate them to continue.

Donate a Phone Card to a Shelter

Being in constant contact with a loved one is something we take advantage of regularly. Those who have fallen on hard times and are in shelters don’t have that luxury. Unless you give them the gift of communication.

Introduce Yourself to Someone New

We spend everyday walking around a group of strangers to and from work, school, stores and more. They say the world is smaller than you think, and you can make that truer by introducing yourself to someone new.

Put Change in a Parking Meter

No one likes parking at a meter only to return to a ticket that mad parking almost $100. It may only take a few cents from you to save someone that $100 for something better.

Fill a Gas Tank

Gas prices rise and fall all the time but even when prices rise, distances to work don’t change. Help someone get to where they’re going by donating to them a tank of gas.

Drop Off a Toy or Game at a Hospital

Spending any amount of time at a hospital isn’t fun for anyone, let alone children. Bring them a gift to help make the time go by with a smile instead of a frown.

Bring a Teacher a Cup of Coffee

There once was a day when bringing an apple to a teacher was favored. Today, instead of an apple, how about a cup of coffee to help get them through their day?

Good In Deed has the good deeds list you need to do one good deed every day for a month of giving that may change the world for someone else.

Attend a Good Event

Good events happen almost every weekend. To get more involved in your local community, attend good events and donate time or money or both to the betterment of your city.

Pay The Bill for The Person in Front of You

For some, a quick errand to the grocery store or pharmacy could be a stressful situation. While you may not know if you’re helping someone in need, just helping is enough.

Donate a Pack of Paper to Your School

Schools often operate on government funding or other, smaller, means of cash flow. Doing anything, even just giving a pack of paper can help a school educate our children and mark a task off your good deeds list.

Put Change in a Row of Vending Machines

We all get attacked by the cravings of a quick snack but don’t always have the money to get that snack. Vending machines make it easier to surprise someone with a snack.

Thank You Notes

Saying thank, you is considered to be polite in any setting, but you can go above and beyond. Show that you care by taking the time to write or send a thank you note.

Compliment a Stranger

Getting a compliment from anyone is nice, even if it’s a stranger. By complimenting a stranger in passing you could be allowing them to see the sunlight a little easier in their day.

Comment on Someone’s Website

Websites are becoming the norm and similar to complimenting a stranger, beautiful words help. By leaving a comment on someone’s website, you’re showing appreciation for the work they’ve put into the site.

Good In Deed has the good deeds list you need to do one good deed every day for a month of giving that may change the world for someone else.

Leave Extra Stamps at a Stamp Machine

Mail is often used to pay bills, stay in touch with family or friends or to send money to someone in need. To send mail you need a stamp so you head to the post office to get a stamp at the machine and find a stamp left behind. Your day just got better.

Invite Someone Over for Dinner

No one enjoys eating dinner alone. Instead of inviting people over for dinner on the holidays, do it on any random day.

Share Something Funny with Someone Else

Laughter is often associated with being happy. A simple way to share happiness with others is to send them a link to a comic strip or a joke.

Donate Clothes to Goodwill

The Goodwill is a source of clothing and an essential addition to a good deeds list. Take used or new clothing to your local Goodwill for donations and help someone in need.

Put Change in a Charity Change Bottle

Charity change bottles can be found in many different places. Most often, they are placed at registers in stores you already frequent. Next time you get change back, place some or all of it in the jar to help those in need.

Pay the Toll for the Car Behind You

Some of us have commutes that require crossing a bridge, and that usually means a fee. Tolls don’t cost much, but for some, that extra $6 could mean lunch or gas.

Good In Deed has the good deeds list you need to do one good deed every day for a month of giving that may change the world for someone else.

Leave a Book at an Airport Seating Area

Sitting and waiting isn’t a fun thing to do for anyone. Give the gift of reading to someone by leaving a good book you’ve finished in a waiting room or at an airport seating area. Some of the best options on the good deeds list are the easiest.

Pay for the Meal of Someone Sitting Alone

If someone is eating alone, that could mean they’re not having a magnificent day. Help improve their outlook by paying for their meal. 

Buy Coffee for the Person Behind You

We all have our morning rituals, and for most of us, that means stopping to get coffee. Pay for their coffee and allow them to keep their wallets closed.


Volunteering can mean many different things. Pick a cause that’s near and dear to your heart and give one of the best gifts of all, your time.

Pick up Trash in a Local Park

Trash is an eyesore no matter where it is found. Do your part and pick up any trash that ends up in your path and place it in the right receptacle.

Let Someone Cut You in Line

Waiting in line is almost as bad as a waiting room. Give someone the gift of their own time by letting them cut you in line at the store or anywhere else a line forms.

Take Flowers to a Hospital

Flowers have a way of making any hospital room feel more welcoming. Bring a bouquet of flowers to a stranger, maybe someone who hasn’t had any visitors recently and made their hospital visit better.

Good In Deed has the good deeds list you need to do one good deed every day for a month of giving that may change the world for someone else.

Send a Card or Letter to Someone in the Military

The military always belongs on a good deeds list because they’re fighting for us both at home and abroad. However, they don’t always get to see the rewards that their sacrifices incur. Send a card thanking them, showing them they’re appreciated.

Send handmade Cards to Someone You Care For

Cards are a great way to say things that maybe words just can’t. A handmade card says you cared enough to spend your time and efforts to say something nice.

Give a Lottery Ticket to a Stranger

A lottery ticket can be a piece of hope and could even mean a significant change in your life. A piece of paper that costs less than a few dollars could mean the world to someone in need.

Put Shopping Carts Away

We shop in grocery stores on a weekly or daily basis, and the employees at the store help make it an easier experience. Contribute to making their day easy by only putting the shopping cart away in the right spot.

Encourage Good Parenting

We bring our children out into public and everyone can see our parenting styles. If you see a child who is well behaved, compliment the parents on doing such a great job.

Leave Sidewalk Chalk Messages

Get the kids involved and leave sidewalk chalk messages that motivate, inspire, and complement many different people in your neighboorhood.

Clean Up Local Beaches

Next time you and your family head out to the beach, make a difference. Help clean up the sandy beaches you enjoy visiting.

Welcome New Neighbors

There is nothing scarier than moving to a new neighborhood. You can help others adjust by finding unique ways to welcome them home.

Giving Box

A Giving Box is a box that is filled with hope. The hope that you will fill it up with donations and then send that box to a charity of your choice. There doesn’t need to be a reason or an occasion, just doing something good for a local or not local charity.

Unplug for the Environment

Did you know that many of your appliances use energy even when you turn them off? Unplug any appliances that aren’t in use. This way, you can save energy not only for you but for our country.

Family Appreciation Bucket Filler Box

There is nothing better than telling your family why you appreciate them. Make it a point to do so as often as possible with this bucket filler box good deed idea.

Send Cards to Hospitals

A very easy way to give back is to simply send get well soon cards to hospitals. You don’t have to know anyone in the hospital, just showing that people outside care could make all of the difference.

Support Local Businesses

Local businesses do so much for your community. It is important that you help them make those differences. All you have to do is shop local before heading to the nationally owned chain stores. You could go to restaurants, general stores, auto shops, and so many others.

Build a Virtual Community

Community is important but it doesn’t have to be physical. You oculd build a virtual community and still benefit from the human interaction.